Bounce Light CGI is a service company that provides high-quality Computer Generated Imagery.

We provide beautiful imagery for your Visual Effects, Character Animation and Advertising needs.

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Creative Direction

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Bounce Light CGI is a service company providing high-quality Computer Generated Imagery for Product Visualization, Character Animation and Visual Effects.


Bounce Light is owned and managed by Darren Kiner, Senior CGI Artist and Supervisor.  He has been in CGI production since 1988 and has worked on many visual effects projects and animated features such as Aladdin, Iron Giant, Black Swan, Hotel Transylvania, and Ant Man.

Darren originally worked as a CGI Generalist and later became a specialist in CGI Lighting.  Over many years he has become a very capable Senior CGI Lighting Artist and CGI Supervisor.


We are located in Los Angeles, CA but we create CGI for clients all over the world.  As you can see from our reels, we have worked on many different CGI animations and films.  Whatever the needs of your CGI project, we can help you.





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